PSCOA Retirement Plan Review and Pension Maximization

Selecting a retirement plan option is among life's most important decisions. Generally once a plan is selected it cannot be changed. Many pensions, including your SERS plan include a variety of survivor benefits, some of which may result in significant and permanent reduction in benefits to both you and your survivor(s). The Corrections Officers Associaton Agency offers a free review of your SERS and Savings Plan (457) plans to help you better understand the options and costs associated with those plans for you and your family.

All it takes to obtain this review is a copy of your SERS and Savings Plan statements and a brief phone interview with one of our specialists. Just fill out our "Contact Us" form and we will contact you for a time to begin the review.

While many advisors wait until a year or even a few months prior to retirement to review survivor and withdrawal options, we advise annually reviewing these options and considering the consequences and costs of each, as well as, reviewing planning alternatives such as Pension Maximization. In fact it is advisable to begin planning for your likely survivor and withdrawal options four or even fve years before your likely retirement date.

You should familiarize yourself with your SERS statement and terminology.

Click here for a Sample SERS Statement.

We at COAA are happy to walk you through your retirement options as well as our Pension Maximization Strategy alternative.

Click here to see an overview of our Pension Maximization Strategy.

For those of you wishing a more detailed explanation of our Pension Maximization Strategy click here for a white paper published in the National Underwriter called "Taking Control of Your Pension Income: A Retirement Income Protection Review".

While Pension Maximization is not right for everyone, many retirees find it provides them with greater control and flexibility than normally available under standard retirement options and it often provides higher net income for both the retiree and their survivor(s).

In addition to reviewing a copy of your SERS statement we recommend a short interview with one of our staff to aid in determining both applicability and suitability of Pension Maximization to your specific circumstance.

We look forward to hearing from you.